Landscaping Maintenance in Peoria

Your landscape’s design might be worthy of awards and the envy of everyone on the block, but how long can it last if it’s not receiving the proper maintenance it needs? There’s no question that maintaining your lawn and yard is not easy in Arizona’s difficult climate. And if you find yard maintenance to be an unbearable chore or that you are severely lacking a green thumb, then Sergio’s Lawn Services can help.

At Sergio’s Lawn Services, we believe in comprehensive, quality service. Whether you just need a hand keeping your lawn trim and green or you have a biodiverse garden that needs precise care, we have experience and expertise necessary to make sure your yard is maintained to perfection.

For a free quote on our landscaping maintenance services, please drop us a line at (602) 552-5400. One of our representatives is waiting to take your call and make the most out of your yard.

Why Ongoing Landscape Maintenance Is Important

The importance of ongoing landscape maintenance can’t be understated, regardless of whether your garden, lawn or hardscape belongs to a residential or commercial property here in Peoria. You would be surprised by how many people think that their landscapes are complete once installation is complete. It’s not. Your landscape is a living thing and, as you may have noticed, living things require tending to. If you have invested in a brand new landscape, you can’t skimp on the maintenance end.

If you are like most Peoria home and business owners who have just gotten a brand new landscape installed, you probably did so as an investment. When homes and businesses take the time to get beautiful landscapes, it boosts the property’s curb appeal and as a result its overall value goes up. Of course, home and business owners can only reap the benefits of the higher curb appeal and overall value if they take the necessary measures to maintain their landscape over time.

When a property has nothing but dead plants, wilted flowers and brown grass, there’s no question that you are bringing down it’s curb appeal. That is why it is so important that home and business owners protect their investment and get regularly scheduled maintenance from professional, licensed landscapers like the ones at Sergio’s Lawn Services.

Especially in harsh climates like Peoria’s, landscaping maintenance is not an easy thing to do. You need to know exactly how much water, sunlight and specific nutrients all the aspects of your landscape need to thrive. When you enlist the help of Sergio’s Lawn Services, we can guarantee to keep your landscape thriving no matter how extreme the weather is. Thanks to our flexible service schedules, we can also guarantee that our landscaping maintenance programs will work for you both in terms of budget and convenience.

If you are not sure what type or how much maintenance your landscape needs, just call (602) 552-5400 to speak to one of our representatives today. When you do, we can arrange for one of Sergio’s Lawn Services representatives to swing by your Peoria property to assess the unique needs of your property’s green space. We have been in this business long enough to say with certainty that no two properties have identical needs. With that in mind, we always assess the needs of your green space from scratch, drawing on our professional experience whenever we can but refusing to be led astray by preconceived notions.

Guests to your home and new customers of your business are quick to form first impressions, and they typically begin to take shape as they are walking up to your property. And if you have, for some reason, failed to provide your property with the necessary landscaping maintenance, these newcomers can’t help but associate your Peoria home or business with negligence. Rather than be at the mercy of an unfair first impression, make sure that your best foot is forward and sign up for Sergio’s Lawn Services’ maintenance programs today.

Residential Landscaping Maintenance

If you have invested or are about to invest thousands of dollars in landscaping the exterior of your home complete with gardens, new sod, walkways and patios, don’t make the mistake of ignoring that this is an ongoing process. You have created a beautiful outdoor space that boosts your home’s value, but you need to make sure that the plants, shrubs, trees and grass are always healthy and looking their best.

This means administering a strict regimen of watering, pruning, fertilizing and mulching, just to name a few. If you’re not sure where to begin, but know that you don’t want your landscape to go to waste, contact Sergio’s Lawn Services about our residential landscaping maintenance programs.

At regular intervals, as determined by your specific landscapes needs, our team will drop by and provide the care your plants and other landscape features need, making sure they are healthy and good looking in spite of Peoria’s difficult climate.

Commercial Landscaping Maintenance

Don’t make the same mistake so many businesses make and think that the landscaping of your commercial space isn’t incredibly important. Your landscape is the first thing people see when they bring their business to you. And while you might often forget there’s an outdoor element to your place of work, an unkempt lawn or a garden bed littered with wilted flowers affects how your business is perceived.

This lack of attention to detail or possible negligence raises questions you don’t want asked like, “Is this what doing business with you is like?” Regardless of what line of work you’re in, you want to send the right message to your clients. When you get Sergio’s Lawn Services to maintain your Peoria commercial property’s landscape, the message received will be loud and clear: “This place means business.” Don’t you think that’s good for you and your business?

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