Landscaping Maintenance in Phoenix

Are you looking to maintain your beautiful landscape? With Sergio's Lawn Services’s routine landscaping maintenance, your yard will always look its best.

We’re confident that we’re the best landscaping maintenance professionals in Phoenix and the surrounding area. For over 20 years now, our team has been providing impressive workmanship and excellent customer service to the home- and business-owners in the community.

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Custom Landscaping Maintenance Contracts

We understand that every greenspace is unique to its property. Before we get started, we’ll schedule a no-obligation consultation and send one of our specialists over to evaluate your landscape. Whether it’s big or small, we have landscaping maintenance programs tailored to every yard.

Every detail is fully customizable in order to meet your budget and your preferences. We’ll also acknowledge any plants or hedges that might need more maintenance than the average. Then, we’ll be able to provide you with a free quote. No matter what, we intend to make everything clear and concise.

A Full-Service Landscaping Maintenance Company

At Sergio's Lawn Services, we work hard to provide property owners in Phoenix and the nearby area with fully comprehensive landscape maintenance services. From your lawn to your hardscapes, we’ll tend to each aspect of your yard to ensure it’s giving off a good impression. Our services include:

  • Custom-Fit Landscape Maintenance Plans
  • Lawn Care (Mow, Aerate and Fertilize)
  • Garden Tending and Flower Bed Edging
  • Bush, Hedge, and Tree Pruning
  • Hardscape Upkeep and Cleaning
  • …and more!

And if ever you have any questions and concerns about specific landscape maintenance, just ask one of our professionals, they’ll be happy to help. They can also give you tips if you’d like to do some things on your own time.

Professional Landscaping Maintenance Contractors

Rest assured, our team of landscapers has all the proper licensing, certifications, and experience necessary to tend to your landscape, the right way. Before they were able to join our staff, they were screened and then trained to meet the Sergio's Lawn Services standard of detail-oriented perfection. We’ll clean up your yard regularly so that you don’t have to worry about it. And we do a fantastic job too!

Commercial Landscaping Maintenance

Are you a business owner with a big and lush landscape? Need someone to keep it that way? Enlist our experts to take care of it, and you’ll be glad you did. Having a beautiful landscape allows your company to look professional at all times—and that’s without even stepping inside!

All our certified landscapers are equipped with only the latest tools in landscape maintenance and will have the job done quickly and efficiently every time.

Leading Landscaping Maintenance Services in Phoenix

Sergio's Lawn Services is your one-way ticket to a permanent flawless lawn. Our hard work and dedication always manage to exceed expectations. And our prices are pretty great too!

Ready to maximize your curb appeal? Get in touch with us now at (602) 552-5400 for a free service quote.