Irrigation in Peoria

An irrigation system can improve your home and your lifestyle. At Sergios Lawn Services, we have the expertise to make your new watering system a reality. Automatic irrigation systems provide many benefits, including saving you time and money, creating healthier plants, and establishing the kind of garden you have always wanted. Not only does an automatic system let you spend more time enjoying your plants, rather than maintaining them, it also provides a level of precision that cannot be attained otherwise. If you are looking for a contracting company in Peoria that specializes in watering, we are your one stop for all your watering needs.

Saving Water

At the end of the day, the most important aspect to getting an automatic watering system is the water it could save you. Watering by hand almost always results in over- or under-watering. Even if you make an effort to use the same amount every time, it is easy for your watering habits to gradually drift one way or the other. Irrigation systems are designed to use exactly the right amount of water, which means less is used, lowering your water bill. Learn more about how you can save water through.

  • • Drip irrigation strategies
  • • More efficient sprinklers
  • • Rain/moisture sensors
  • • Sprinkler system calibration

Designing Irrigation Systems in Peoria

One of the best ways Sergios Lawn Services helps you create a watering system that meets your needs is through unique designing. Before installing a new system, we take the time to work with you and figure out exactly what the best way to proceed is. Every landscaping job has unique requirements and obstacles, so figuring everything out and establishing a plan of action in advance is vital. Everything from soil type and conditions to water sources and pressure to the kinds of plants you are trying to grow should be taken into consideration. A design for your watering system, as well as an estimate, can be reviewed with you.

Healthier, More Beautiful Landscape

Of course, the main reason you are getting a new automatic sprinkler system is for the plants. Through precise, routine watering, it is possible to foster growth in ways that is simply not possible through other maintaining strategies. Getting strong and beautiful flowers and plants does not require you to spend all your time toiling in your yard. Get the results you want with all the legwork taken out of the process.

Watering Alternatives to Explore

There are ways a new watering system can care for your landscape you may not have even considered. For example, drip systems are gaining attention as an alternative to sprinklers that save water and create better results in some cases. Certain plants are simply better suited to receiving a small, continuous water supply, rather than occasional, larger waterings. This kind of system also does not encourage weeds to grow nearly as much. We are committed to helping you get whatever setup works best for your garden.

Learn More

Sergios Lawn Services is your irrigation solution in Peoria. You can learn more about the services we offer by exploring our site or giving us a call.

Plants need water to survive but watering them is time consuming. Why not give yourself more free time by having an irrigation system installed? Sergio’s Lawn Services has more than 25 years of experience helping the people of Peoria take back their weekends by providing a full suite of Landscaping contractor services. The landscaping business is a very competitive field and we are very proud that our commitment to excellent lawncare and customer service has allowed us to keep our business thriving.

If you are considering having an irrigation system installed on your Peoria property, we ask you to please consider calling us for an estimate and a consultation. We are a diligent and hardworking team that will not disappoint!

Benefits of an irrigation system on your Peoria property

If you are still trying to decide whether an irrigation system is right for your home or business, here are the main reasons why so many people choose to invest in easy-to-use watering systems.

Water conservation: A well-made irrigation system is tailored to the plants they help grow. It takes a significant amount of time and research to go through all the plants on your property, and then you have to measure all the water you use per plant. It is much easier to just sweep the hose over green patches and be done with it. However, this will usually result in using more water than is necessary for the job. An irrigation system is designed to provide just the right amount of water, saving both your hard-earned cash while also helping the environment.

Better soil: Over watering will lead to nutrients being removed from the soil, as the excess water will become runoff that will take minerals away with it. Not only will the root structure be suffocated, but the plants will have less of what they need to grow tall and strong. Hosing can also compact soil which also hinders the plant’s ability to grow properly.

Time-saving: Since the irrigation system can be automated you can set it and forget it. Has it been raining? Just a small adjustment will reduce the amount of water delivered. The idea of never having to worry about watering your Peoria property again, certainly has its appeal.

Minimizes weeds: Systems like drip irrigation deliver water to the plant directly. As the water is concentrated into a small area and there is just enough for the designated plant, weeds have much less of a chance to grow. This is a natural form of weed control that can drastically reduce the need to weed a garden or flowerbed.

Sprinkler setup or an in-ground irrigation system, you decide!

No property is the same, so there is no-one-size-fits-all solution to irrigation. We can create a mix-and-match irrigation system that brings the right amount of water to every plant. All you have to do is tell us your needs and budget, and we will survey the land and provide you with an array of different options.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us by phone or email. One of our friendly staff is waiting to assist you.